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      Our OS Restoration service is by far our most popular product. We take your computer and whether its infested with virus and spyware or maybe running extremely slow we bring it back to how it was when you FIRST bought it. We also do a few things to it that make it actually better than the first day you brought it home. Our service includes BACKING UP all your important files like pictures, music and documents. We then reinstall the operating system and make sure ALL the updates are installed. We even install a FREE antivirus and antispyware program! Please keep in mind that any software that has been installed since you purchased the computer you will have to reinstall yourself unless you bring us the installation CDs. So just so we're clear, our OS Restoration includes ALL of the following:
  • BACKING UP of all your important files! This DOES NOT include software.
  • REINSTALLING your Windows Operating System.
  • Install ALL Windows Updates along with common software like Adobe Flash, Java and more!
  • Put back all your documents!
  • Install a FREE Antivirus that DOES NOT expire!

We do all of that for only $45 and have your computer back to you within a day or two!

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